A Nigerian Game

       There is a board game called Ayo or mankala. Its really similar to the game of checkers. The object of the game is to move pebbles  around the board and thy to capture other opponent's pebbles!
This is a picture of the game of Mankala

                  Nigerians favorite sport!!!

  Have you ever wondered what out kind of  sports are all over the world. Well, Nigeria has some of the same sports as us. But the most common-favorite sport in Nigeria is soccer. Thousands of people come to see soccer games in Nigeria! Kids all across the country of Nigeria play in soccer games. There is a team that is a national team and they are calledthe Super Eagles. This team had won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in 1996! To this day now, that day thy won the Olympics is now a national holiday! They were that happy!!!!
        In the pictures above you can see kids playing soccer. Can you tell who they are? Well, if you can't I can tell you. They are the national team the Super Eagles .vs. a Ghana team. As you know from the imformation above, the Super Eagles won! They won the nationals! So now you can see a picture of the Super Eagles in action!!!